I never wanted to be a graphic designer- crazy, right?!

In high school, I was passionate about fashion and marketing. It led me to focus on colleges I thought I needed to attend to be considered successful in any sort of way (I cringe at my younger self’s mindset). I applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) to begin a career I thought I so desperately wanted. I was beyond excited when I decided to attend FIT in Manhattan.

Within the first month of college, I knew FIT wasn’t for me…like at all. I craved home and felt like I had failed myself in many ways. My dream life was crumbling right before me.

Where I learned about Graphic Design

The coming years after moving back from NYC were a daze. I was lost and had no motivation to continue school. I decided to attend my local community college, where I received my Associate in Business Administration- but business wasn’t my gig. It wasn’t until I decided to go for my bachelor’s at SNHU that I learned what Graphic Design was.

Fast forward two years, I graduated in Graphic Design and Media Arts. My heart and soul found the career I had been longing for. I decided right after graduating to start my own business- Balsam Hill Studio (my baby!). It was scary and exciting- and honestly, I still feel this way 10 months later, lol. It has been nothing short of amazing, however. There has been a considerable amount of trial, error, and continuous growth, but I don’t regret a damn thing. When looking back, I’ve always loved designing- I just had to figure out in what form. 

Find your confidence by hiring a Graphic Designer

Today I am passionate about educating people on graphic design and the numerous areas the broad term covers. It has also helped me focus on why such design services are important to businesses. I have become devoted to helping my clients find their confidence and freedom within their own personal brands by creating strong marketing based on their brand strategy that we dive deep into. Graphic design is an industry that allows you to be yourself and create a style that reflects you.

Get in touch if you are ready for that next step in your business! Let me create you a strategic, authentic brand and a beautiful website- because I’m dying to work with you, the passionate business owner. Learn more about our services here!

xx Ciera

A dreamer with a wild heart





Why I became a Graphic Designer

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