Script fonts come in a wide variety of styles. Some are elegant, some casual, some hard to read – you get the idea. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite script fonts that we turn to for design. Oh, and the best part about these fonts… you can find them on Canva!

Script fonts can be tricky to find- so we took care of the work in search of the perfect bunch, so you didn’t have to. Enjoy our top 6 script fonts we turn to for our client’s projects.


Signature is a favorite of ours for its elegant, high-end feel. The font is calligraphy-inspired and shows up well. This is one of our go-to fonts when designing branding for higher-end companies looking for a signature touch.


Sansterdam has a very light and elegant feel to it. It can be portrayed as airy at times with the larger spacing between certain letters. The font itself is a thinner script style with an artistic touch. This script font would be ideal for accenting headlines on a website or wedding stationery.


Brittany is a font we find ourselves using the most. It is a fun script font that is easy to read but still has an elegant touch with the exaggerated length of certain letters. It is a little more contemporary and casual than the fonts above. Brittany would be great for both websites and brands.


Amsterdam is a more casual calligraphic font. It portrays a handwritten style that gives us an ‘edgy,’ fun vibe. Amsterdam has lots of characteristics added to the typeface. The uppercase letters provide a variety of sized swashes—which further decorate the characters. This script font would be ideal for accenting headlines on a website or being used as a signature.


Looking for the perfect mix of classic and modern? Halimun is the font for you, then! Halimun has a nice balance of incorporating a handwritten and script style. This is one of our favorites when designing branding or building a website for photographers. The letters aren’t overcrowded, making them easy to read (which is always a bonus with script fonts!). This is another great font that pairs well when accenting headlines on a website.


Liana is a versatile script that is ideal for creating a sense of softness, femininity, and comfort. Liana has wide uppercase letters while displaying a handwritten and calligraphy style. This is the perfect font for creating a signature, wedding invitations/stationary, packaging, and more. This might be our second favorite script font!

That’s a wrap on our most used script fonts. There are SO many amazing ones out there- making it hard to narrow down to only a handful. We hope this post inspired you for your next project and you loved these fonts just as much as we do! Stay tuned for future posts as we round up more fonts and create a list of our favorite font pairings.

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6 Script Fonts We Love for Branding & Websites: Canva Addition

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