If you don’t know what Loom is, then this is a read you won’t want to miss! Here is a little background knowledge about one of our most used platforms before we dive into how it helped our business. Loom is a video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through shareable videos. You can simultaneously record yourself with your camera and desktop screen while talking through your mic.

Loom was hands down one of our most used tools for client projects during 2022, and it saved us hours during our work days (our clients loved it, too!).

No. 1 // The Power of Education

While we love helping our clients with their website needs, there are times we are unavailable because life gets in the way. We make it our priority after every project to encourage and educate our clients on how to confidently work the innings of their website. We have successfully taught our clients how to navigate and make needed changes through screen recordings done through Loom. This has been highly successful, and our clients appreciate the empowerment these videos bring them!

Loom videos are also the #1 way we teach our customers how to navigate and successfully launch the Showit Website Templates they purchase from our shop. We have created a ‘classroom’ of videos that explain design elements along with how to connect your domain name.

No. 2 // Goodbye Back-and-Forth Emails

So goodbye to drawn-out emails! We’ve all been there… and there’s nothing worse than a chain of emails you and your clients need clarification on. Since discovering Loom, we have eliminated the need for confusion *almost* entirely from our business via email communication. This has saved us so much time and allowed projects to stay on track!

No. 3 // Fewer Client Meetings

We had to get on board when we heard that Loom was known for cutting down meetings by 29%. Loom has allowed us to create a screen recording to answer questions, explain systems, and so much more that would have had to be done with a scheduled meeting. Why have a 30-minute meeting when you can answer it in a 5-minute video or less?

Don’t get us wrong, Loom won’t eliminate all meetings, but it has successfully eliminated what it can. Loom is a tool we suggest all businesses have. Within Loom, you can organize videos into folders, make some private or share them with everyone. It has helped us in a handful of ways between fewer meetings, fewer emails, and more in-depth explanations that might have been confusing or overwhelming otherwise. So, jump on board and try out Loom for free, friend!

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3 Ways Loom Gave Us Back Time In Our Business

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