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Balsam Hill Studio is a graphic design studio located on the New Hampshire Seacoast . BHS designs with passion at the forefront, implemented with strategy at the root of all ideas- allowing our clients to be successful and confident.

If you are ready to take that next step in your business's success, we would love to connect and uncover how we can elevate your brand and website.

About the studio

Hey friend, I'm Ciera, and thanks for stopping by! I focus on creating authentic branding and websites for passion-driven businesses ready to 'wow' their audience. 

When you invest in hiring BHS, you get more than a random designer behind a screen. We get to form a connection that allows me to design your business's branding and website with your true, authentic self shining throughout.  

Meet Ciera

I had just graduated high school and had no idea what I wanted to do- but I knew I wanted to work for myself and have a creative outlet. It wasn't until 18 year old me took a graphic design class to fall in love!

I Enrolled in A graphic Design course to see what it was all about.


While I wasn't sure if a degree was needed, I'm glad I persevered anyways.  College helped me find my style and learn just how large the graphic design field really was.

I changed my BACHELORS degree from Marketing to Design.


I graduated 3 months after starting my business. This was such a big (and scary) year for me, but I'm so glad I jumped the gun. Starting Balsam Hill Studio brought a lot of growth to me personally and professionally. 

Balsam Hill Studio was born and became an LLC


I survived my first full year as a full-time solopreneur, and man, I learned a TON! I also worked with the most amazing clients and learned the importance of setting boundaries real fast. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my loved ones and clients supporting my dream. 

I survived my first year as a business and solo designer!


I have been fortunate enough to expand my reach to more than just NH and Maine businesses. Networking has been the biggest game changer this year and something all business owners should consider doing! (plus the friendships are amazing!)

I now have CLIENTS from all over the country 🤍


My Journey

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